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Custom Pottery and Design


Handmade tableware

Elegant forms are dressed with simple glazes to enhance the embellishments, while designed to be functional and beautiful. Pieces are either wheel-thrown and altered, or hand-built with textures.


These platters are hand painted with a cobalt slip decoration. The wedding date and bride and groom’s name are written on the back of the platter to honor the union.

Platters can also be customized as gifts for other celebrations such as graduation, birthday, anniversary, etc.

If you are looking for original favors for an event while adding an artistic flair, the Leaning Tree Studio has several options. Give your guests a hand made gift to cherish the memory. Examples includes candle holders, tumblers, bowls, and more while pieces are designed to fit any theme or style.


Batik is a method of applying wax on fabric to resist dye or paint. The wax lines create designs, patterns or contrast. Pieces at the Leaning Tree Studio are stretched, waxed and the painted.  Using silk allows the colors to flow and blend easily.  Once the wax is removed, finished pieces are colorful, yet translucent.

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