Jen Labie creates her handmade pottery at the Leaning Tree Studio in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. She is influenced by her studies in Italy and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Her pottery consists of wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces that are functional, elegant forms.

Jen is also an accomplished batik artist. Primarily painting on silk, her original designs become vibrant wall hangings and scarves. She enjoys creating sentimental pieces for people, such as belly bowls, wedding platters and customized gifts. Jen has years of teaching experience, which inspires her own work and allows her to continually evolve as an artist.

In addition to teaching, Jen is also a graphic designer. As a freelance artist, she specializes in Wellness Design. Examples of her projects include a variety of printed marketing materials such as business cards, yoga schedules & posters, labels for holistic skincare and art studio brochures. She enjoys the creative process of each design project and finds it continually rewarding.